Property Valuation

Property Valuation : Hong Kong and China Advisory

Property Valuation

Property Valuation: Hong Kong, China and APAC

Property Valuation is one of our core valuation services. We provide a full range of Property Valuation services for various purposes, including merger and acquisition ("M&A") transactions, financial reporting, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong ("HKEx") listing rules compliance, tax planning and internal reference.


Our Core Expertise in Property Valuation

  • Property Valuation experts with global qualifications such as CPV, HKIS and MRICS 
  • Strong track record of more than 800 clients on our Property Valuation services
  • Over 10 years in the market with extensive Hong Kong and China knowledge of Property Valuation


AVISTA’s Property Valuation Services and Property Consulting Services

AVISTA provides all types of Property Valuation Advisory services for various purposes, including M&A transactions, financial reporting, stock exchange listing rules compliance, tax planning and internal reference. Our Property Valuation Advisory services cover areas including but not limited to property valuation for public disclosures – listing/circulars, property valuation for financial reporting, pre-deal property valuation advisory, property mortgage valuation, statutory property valuation and general property valuation, hotel or resort valuation, infrastructure, public utility plant and specialty property valuation. 

Apart from Property Valuation, we also provide Property Consulting Services

Recommended Services for Property Valuation

Purpose for Property Valuation

Property Valuation Services

1. Property Valuation for listed company Property Valuation for Public Disclosures – Listing / Circulars
2. Property Valuation for listed company Property Valuation for Financial Reporting
3. Before signing a Property deal Pre-deal Property Valuation Advisory


Leading Market Position of AVISTA in Property Valuation

As a leading professional Property Valuation firm in Hong Kong, AVISTA has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific Region and an international reach of handling outbound projects around the globe. We have assisted our clients in outbound projects in over 30 countries by now.

Why choose AVISTA's Property Valuation?

Property Valuation is important for companies going through different stages. Our valuation purposes range from IPO listing, mergers and acquisitions, market research, fair rental value opinions, financial reporting and many others. Our Property Valuation team provides you with a “One-Stop-Shop” solution and helps you to maximize the value of properties.


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