Property Consultancy

Property Consultancy: Hong Kong and China

Property Consultancy

Property Consultancy: Hong Kong and China

Property Consultancy is one of our core consulting servies. We aim to provide our clients with a collective and comprehensive idea to assist them to make the right decision on how to fully utilize the value of the assets and structure the plan and strategy.

Our Core Expertise in Property Consultancy

  • Property Consultancy experts with global qualifications such as CPV, HKIS and MRICS 
  • Strong track record of more than 800+ clients on our professional advisory services
  • Over 10 years in the market with extensive Hong Kong and China knowledge of Property Consltancy

AVISTA’s Property Consultancy Services

AVISTA provides a full range of Property Consultancy services for various purposes, including property acquisition, efficient use of capital and making the best investment decision. Our Property Consultancy services cover areas including due diligence in real estate transaction, feasibility study and project management.

Leading Market Position of AVISTA in Property Consultancy

As a leading professional business valuation firm in Hong Kong, AVISTA has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific Region and an international reach of handling outbound projects around the globe. We have assisted our clients in outbound projects in over 30 countries by now.

Why choose AVISTA's Property Consultancy?

Property Consultancy is of paramount importance to investment and future development decision. With our extensive financial knowledge and experience, AVISTA Property Consultancy team is capable to provide an unbiased and reliable quantitative assessment to maximize the profitability of property development.

Apart from providing professional Property Consultancy services to our clients, we also offer a full suite of services on Property Valuation. Please check our Property Valuation session for more information about our Property Valuation services.


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