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Sustainability and Climate Solutions

ESG Advisory: Hong Kong and China

Sustainability and climate change have been driven to the top of the agenda for business leaders due to the escalating demands from capital markets and regulatory authorities for a compelling environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) strategy and a decarbonization pathway. Amid the rise in investor expectations and change in global regulations, corporates unavoidably face unprecedented challenges in managing risks and capturing opportunities in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

AVISTA's Sustainability and Climate Solutions strives to support corporates in advancing sustainable and resilient growth by transforming visions into actions and impacts. AVISTA works with clients to develop ESG strategies, identify value creation opportunities and strengthen their business resilience. Powered by our artificial intelligence (“AI”) and business intelligence (“BI”) ESG Tech, AVISTA’s breadth of ESG advisory services, industry experience and capital market insights help corporates remain relevant and responsive to ESG-conscious investors and customers while being a positive force for the environment and wider community.

Our Core Expertise in ESG Advisory


Extensive Industry Experience

AVISTA has profound industry experience and business expertise in ESG advisory, sustainability and climate solutions. Our past projects have included Chinese and foreign listed companies, as well as different types of enterprises, funds and asset management companies and Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) applicants.


Diverse and Experienced Team

AVISTA’s diverse and experienced ESG Advisory team brings together climate change experts, environmental scientists, energy engineers, economics and financial specialists, etc. Our team is equipped with professional ESG advisory and sustainability-related qualifications and backgrounds, including Carbon Auditor Professionals (“CAP”), Chartered Financial Analyst (”CFA”) Institute Certificate in ESG Investing, ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Accounting and Verification, Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Professional Certification, Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Information System Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor (Hong Kong), member of the Hong Kong Chartered Governance Institute, Accountant (”CPA”), CFA, professional members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (”RICS”) and more.


AI-driven Data Calculation and Analytics System

Leveraging advanced AI and BI technology, as well as cross-industry expertise, our meticulously designed AI-driven data calculation and analysis system —— αvista cloud platform enables automatic data integration and analysis, with multi-standard support of international disclosure standards and local regulatory frameworks, such as the GHG Protocol, ISSB, SASB, GRI and HKEx ESG Reporting Guide, allowing companies to manage and analyze ESG data in an accurate, safe, cost-effective and efficient manner.


Familiarity with Capital Markets Ecosystems and Trends

Our professional ESG Advisory team is familiar with the environment and trends of the capital market, and benefits from a strong capital market network maintained by our close ties with business partners and capital market partners from various fields.

AVISTA’s ESG Advisory Services

AVISTA offers a wide range of ESG advisory services to meet the diverse needs of companies during their ESG transformation. AVISTA not only supports companies in complying with evolving compliance requirements, but also helps them achieve their sustainability ambitions from strategic planning to action implementation. AVISTA assists companies in responding to the expectations of the capital market and reporting their ESG achievements to win the confidence and trust of investors.

Five Major ESG Core Services

AVISTA provides an extensive range of ESG advisory services to assist companies along their ESG journey towards a sustainable future.

Leading Market Position of AVISTA in ESG Advisory

As a leading professional advisory firm in Hong Kong, AVISTA has a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region as well as internationally, with a proven track record of handling outbound projects around the globe. To date, we have provided various advisory services for more than 1,000 local and multinational listed companies and IPO applicants and assisted our clients in outbound projects in over 30 countries.

Drawing on over 10 years of market experience, our in-depth understanding of local and international ESG-related regulatory requirements and industry-specific needs, as well as our strong experience in ESG advisory, sustainability strategy formulation and evolving ESG developments, AVISTA has been providing ESG advisory services to local, mainland Chinese and overseas listed companies and IPO applicants with our global insights and local practice experience. By leveraging our artificial intelligence (“AI”) advanced technology and business intelligence (“BI”) ESG tech, AVISTA has assisted our clients in seizing opportunities to stay ahead of industry trends and become industry leaders.

Why Choose AVISTA's ESG Advisory?

ESG advisory is important for companies that are seeking to meet capital market expectations and enhance their sustainability performance and ESG disclosures. Our professional ESG Advisory team provides you with a “One-Stop-Shop” sustainability and climate solutions to accelerate ESG enhancement and transformation and drive corporate sustainability.

We are committed to providing the best assistance for your ESG advisory needs.

Contact us today to explore more ESG advisory services and create sustainable value.

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