AVISTA Awarded “AVISTA Scholarship 2022” to student from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Clock ticks and time flies! The end of summer brings to an end of our corporate internship program.


AVISTA is committed to nurture young talents and upholds our business philosophy to help future generation to grow and thrive for shaping a more sustainable society. This year, we collaborated with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to award “AVISTA Scholarship 2022” with internship opportunity to an undergraduate student, Angel Lam, from the Department of Building and Real Estate. 


This program provided a valuable chance enabling our intern to gain early exposure on real-world industry and deepened the knowledge on fixed asset valuation and advisory services by acquiring practical experience. During the internship in our Hong Kong office, Angel showed her enthusiasm and released the potential in the field of real estate with perceptive insights.


In AVISTA, abundant opportunities are always offered for young generation to make their mark and purse their aspirations along with enjoying the journey of accomplishment and success together.


Wish her all the success for the new endeavor and the never-ending adventure on career goal! 



Date: 07 Sept 2022

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