AVISTA Hong Kong & Shenzhen Company Reward Trip 2023: Explore the Vibrant Autumn Charms of Osaka

AVISTA Group recently organized an amazing company reward trip to Osaka, Japan for our amazing team in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. This exhilarating journey lasted for 4 days and 3 nights, allowing our team to fully immerse themselves in the enchanting city. From indulging in the vibrant street food culture and experiencing the warmth of the locals to delving into its rich history, diverse entertainment options, and stunning autumn blaze maple trees, our team members had the opportunity to appreciate and explore the wonders of Osaka.



The trip served as a token of our gratitude for their hard work and contributions throughout the past year. It provided a chance for our team to unwind, strengthen their bonds, and engage in thrilling activities, creating shared moments and unforgettable memories as we ventured through the captivating city of Osaka together. We are thrilled that our employees thoroughly enjoyed this trip and eagerly look forward to creating more cherished company memories in other exciting destinations in the future!


Date: 04 Dec 2023

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