AVISTA HK New Joiners Welcoming and Team Building 2022

Warmly Welcome our 2022 Cohort of Fresh Graduates to AVISTA Hong Kong!


AVISTA Hong Kong has recently held an orientation for our fresh graduate joiners and a team event for the Valuation Team. The activity brought our members together to have a delightful flash. 


At this event, murder mystery games (劇本殺) has been arranged for the team. They were divided into multiple groups to enjoy immersive gaming experiences. During the interactive process of sorting through evidence, piecing together clues, and solving the case, our team was further bonded. The day ended with a lighthearted dinner that brought the team closer together.


Through this activity, new members could have a deeper understanding of other teammates and could smoothly adapt to new environment, promoting team cohesion. More than that, we encourage our staff to achieve a healthy work-life balance by embracing the work-hard-play-hard lifestyle, to re-energize themselves throughout the work and to develop healthier habits.


Once again for our newbies, a warm welcome on being part of our energetic team! We hope they can enjoy their time working in AVISTA Group.


Date: 25 Aug 2022

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